Alienation in the Implementation of Public Services Mall Policy (MPP) in Banyumas Regency
Ranjani Ranjani Ranjani, Ratminto Ratminto Ratminto, Alizar Isna Isna
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Collaborative Strategies in Efforts to Increase the Innovation Index in Cimahi City Government
Hilda Nurul Anggraeni, Nita Nurliawati, Ely Sufianti, Ono Taryono
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11-28 Pages

Applying UTAUT Model to Understand Use of Behavior Health Applications User in Indonesia During the COVID-19
Gugun Geusan Akbar, Muchtar, Aji Abdul Wahid, Ikeu Kania, Annisa Deliana Putri, Dini Turipanam Alamanda
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Social Entrepreneurship and Creative Innovation Ecosystem Implementation
Eljihad Akbari Syukriah Mathory, Murtafia Murtafia, Sudarmi Narwis
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Strategies to Increasing Locally-Generated Revenue from Hotel Taxes in Padang City
Rully Caesario, A. Faroby Falatehan, Sri Mulatsih
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The Use of Construction Management Information Systems: Efforts to Improve the Service Quality for Building Permit in Polewali Mandar Regency
Herlina Sakawati, sulmiah sulmiah, Amelia Reskiani Rahmat, Widyawati Widyawati
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Digital Leadership in the Public Sector-Systematic Literature Review

Systematic literature review

Riki Nuryadin, A Sobandi, Budi Santoso
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Evaluation of the Tofu Craftsman Small and Medium Industry Development Program in Serang City, Banten 2020
Leo Agustino, Cynthia Utami Damayanti, Jonah Silas, Mohammad Agus Yusoff
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