Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi: Media Pengembangan Ilmu dan Praktek Administrasi is a scientific journal in administration field which publish papers based on research result, analysis, and critical assessment of administration issues. With ISSN 1829-8974 (print) and e-ISSN: 2614-2597 (online), the journal is managed by Polytechnic of STIA LAN Bandung and has affiliation with Indonesian Association For Public Administration (IAPA) by agreement at number: 208/STIA.2.1.1/KLS.01 and 010/KA-IAPA/I/2020. This synergy is implemented by some editors come from this organization.

Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi (JIA) is a scientific journal particularly, in which the first publication is in 2004 and is focused on the main problems in the development of the sciences of public administration and business administration areas The scope of this journal is, specifically at Development Administration, Economic Development, Public Policy, Development Planning, Public Sector Finance, Service Management, Public Organization, Human Resource Development, Decentralization and Regional Autonomy, Leadership, Public Sector Innovation, E-Government, Management and Business Policy, E-Commerce, Marketing Management, Budget Management, State Company Management.

Authors who want to submit their manuscript to the editorial office of JIA should obey the writing guidelines. If the manuscript submitted is not appropriate with the guidelines or written in a different format, it will be rejected by the editors before further reviewed.

Since 2017, JIA has been using Open Journal System requiring all writers to register in advance before they are allowed to upload the manuscript they write online. Afterwards, the editors, peer reviewers, and writers can monitor the manuscript processing. JIA is published twice a year in June and December

Organizational Culture - Work Behavior Association: Administrative Analysis in a Stated Owned Company, Central Java
Apri Kuntariningsih, Joko Mariyono
Abstract views: 30 PDF downloads: 26

120-132 Pages

Collaborative Approach on Digital Government Transformation in West Java.
Rio Yusri Maulana, Anry Firmansyah
Abstract views: 25 PDF downloads: 50

141-155 Pages

Narrative Policy Framework in The Academic Field: A Bibliometric Examination
Stepanus Supardi, Alfitri Alfitri, Slamet Widodo, M.H. Thamrin
Abstract views: 24 PDF downloads: 41

156-168 Pages

Indigenous Community-Friendly Tourism Development Strategy Through Governance Approach
Novita Tresiana, Rahmat Sanjaya, Noverman Duadji
Abstract views: 2 PDF downloads: 1

169-177 Pages

Sustainable Food Home Area (KRPL) Policy in Sumbergondo Village, Batu City : an Implementation Approach
Iradhad Taqwa Sihidi, Devi Titania
Abstract views: 7 PDF downloads: 3

178-190 Pages

Analysis of Entrepreneurial Orientation at Employees of PT. Pertamina Patra Niaga - Bandung Retail Sales Area
Siska Swaradeta Cahyadi, Reni Wijayanti
Abstract views: 10 PDF downloads: 20

191-197 Pages

Strategy for increasing Internal Audit Capability on Inspectorate of Jember Regency
TEGUH PUTRA, Ma’mun Sarma, Lukman M. Baga
Abstract views: 15 PDF downloads: 10

198-207 Pages

A Implementation of the National Health Insurance (JKN) Mobile Applicationin Sinjai Regency
Ria Mutmainna Ramadani, Muhammad Takdir, Muhammad Lutfi
Abstract views: 10 PDF downloads: 8

208-217 Pages

Science Mapping of Perceived Organizational Support: A Bibliometric Analysis Approach
Dematria Pringgabayu, Disman Disman, Eeng Ahman
Abstract views: 9 PDF downloads: 4

218-236 Pages